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SimplifyNote: How This Chrome Extension Revolutionized My Note-Taking as a Student

Updated: Mar 10

Written By: Sariyah Salman & Edited by: Ayush Kumar I am a second-year student pursuing a bachelor's degree with honors in English. The study of English has always made me consider how much deeper a word's meaning might be and how a writer of the caliber of William Wordsworth is possible. I really, truly adore him. Instead of being like a Karan Johar movie, going to college taught me a lot about how life is in reality.

My first two semesters were completely online, which was a tremendous bummer because I found it really difficult to take notes and create assignments. I would take classes but could not take effective notes. As a result, I started studying from YouTube, which helped me, but I was still unable to take accurate notes. I used to be very stressed and couldn't study properly until I discovered SimplifyNote, which transformed my note-making and note-taking journey. SimplifyNote, a highly-rated Chrome extension, allows for seamless addition of text, images, and quotes directly from web pages, YouTube, and PDFs into Google Docs with a simple click. This note-taking assistant is a boon for students, researchers, content creators, and learners alike.

Now I just need to select the content and my notes are there. No need to copy and paste any material from anywhere on the internet to take notes. Not only that, but I can also format the text in my own desired format. There are subjects that require pictures (which is actually a task in itself), and I wondered, "How might I include photographs in my assignments?". With just one click, SimplifyNote has that handled as well. Not only that, now I could even have tables, diagrams, and what not instead of wasting my time and effort by sinnping, cropping, and then pasting it.

But where does my material go? Everything gets saved in Google Docs in a well formatted manner, so I can access it from anywhere at any time. As mentioned before, it was difficult for me to take notes from YouTube because it's hard to write everything down manually or take multiple screenshots as it takes a lot of storage and creates hindrance too, but can you believe me SimplifyNote has a solution for that as well? OCR, a unique feature of SimplifyNote, can recognise and extract text from videos and pictures and lets you save it in your google docs in your desired format.

I wish I had come across SimplifyNote sooner because it saves me so much time and has made college life so productive. SimplifyNote - Your Note taking assistant, stands true to it’s name and a cutting-edge tool that completes everything quickly and with ease.

So I request all of you to just go and Add the extension from Chrome web store, sign in, and you've just discovered a gem.

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Promotional graphic for SimplifyNote - the best note-taking app for students, highlighting cross-platform availability and web note-taking capabilities

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